Kinda fierce adjective, [kahyn-duh feers]. Rather bold; somewhat daring; a little passionate.

My name is Lindsay and I’m kinda fierce. At 4’11, what I lack in height I make up for in…lots of stuff.

I am a book-lover, bunny-cuddler, wife, traveler, figure-skater, writer, ballet-barrer, Guinness-drinker, friend, humanist, bad-speller, consultant, rock climber, loving daughter, solopreneur lady who never remembers where her phone is and leaves water bottles all over Denver. So when you find those recycle them or use them. I’m also a tree hugger.

And yes, I made some of those words up. Apparently I’m also a word-maker-upper. Don’t knock it, Shakespeare did it. I’m not sure if having a degree in English makes a propensity for word-making-upping better or worse.

Oh, I’m also a career and life coach. More on that later.

Anyway, thanks for accompanying me on this journey. I’m not totally sure where we’re going. Probably Europe.